Viengthong Pharma, a prominent pharmaceutical firm in Laos, has joined forces with Zuellig Pharma, a leading provider of healthcare solutions in Asia, to enhance healthcare accessibility throughout Laos.

This partnership marks a significant step forward in improving the healthcare infrastructure in Laos. By combining the expertise and resources of both companies, this collaboration aims to tackle critical healthcare issues, especially in underserved areas, and elevate the overall quality of healthcare services available to the Laotian population, aligning with the goals of the Ministry of Health of Laos.

Under this strategic partnership, Viengthong Pharma and Zuellig Pharma will undertake various initiatives, including the distribution of pharmaceutical products, implementation of healthcare infrastructure projects, and development of educational programs to raise awareness about key health issues.

“We are excited to begin this transformative journey with Zuellig Pharma,” said Mr. Shihamano Bannavong, CEO of Viengthong Pharma. “Together, we are committed to removing barriers and expanding access to essential healthcare services across Laos, ensuring that everyone has the chance to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. Additionally, with the GSDP certification, we are confident in collaboratively working with Zuellig Pharma to enhance healthcare access in Laos.”

Jan Rask Christensen, Managing Director of Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos, shared this enthusiasm, stating, “This partnership reflects our shared vision and aligns perfectly with Zuellig Pharma’s mission of making healthcare more accessible to the communities we serve. By pooling our strengths and resources, we aim to make a meaningful impact on the lives of people in Laos

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