Meet our board of directors

Mr Thongphuean Khantivong
President Family Business Group

Mr Thongphuean KHANTIVONG, President, aged 73 in 2023, graduated from the Lao Faculty of Dentistry in 1975. He began his professional career at Aroun Mai Magazine. After ten years of loyalty and dedication to his work, he decided to establish Vientiane Municipality Pharmaceutical Company in 1992, which later became Viengthong Pharma in 1995. Under his leadership, the company grew successfully and expanded its workforce from 6 to 80 employees by 2023.

Mr Thongpheuane Khantivong has been retired since January 2019, but he remains President and a member of the Family Business Group’s Board of Directors. In February 2019, he was honored by the Lao Chamber of Commerce for his contributions to Lao society, particularly in the healthcare sector. Viengthong Med&Pharma is now managed by his daughter, Mrs. Aouttala Khantivong, as Managing Director, with the assistance of Mr. Sihamano Bannavong, the company’s CEO.

Mr Sihamano Bannavong
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mr Sihamano BANNAVONG has over 25 years of experience managing an international marketing firm as well as private companies. He devoted his career to the development, sale, and marketing of health products, as well
as community involvement to improve the lives of the target population and customers.

He strongly believes in strategic partnership and teamwork to drive organizational transformation in order to accelerate profitability and lay the groundwork for long-term growth.

Mrs Aouttala Khantivong
Managing Director (VTP Business)

Mrs. Aouttala Khantivong graduated with a bachelor’s degree in information business and started her career journey with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce as a Government Officer in 2004. She joined Viengthong Pharma in 2007 as an Assistant Director and Human Resources Manager to drive a business, people, and company business strategy.

Since 2020, she has been serving as the Managing Director of the company. With more than 16 years at Viengthong Pharma, she has delivered and been one of our top management to drive business growth.

Mr Khamphay Mekshythong
Deputy Managing Director

Mr. Khamphay Mekshythong holds a Diploma in Medicine and a Bachelor of Enterprise Finance Administration. He began his career as a technical teacher at Health College and later as a finance and accounting manager at the Ministry of Health.

He joined Viengthong Pharma in 1992 as a Finance & Accounting Manager and is now the Deputy Managing Director.