Medical Equipment’s

The installation is based on the standard management framework of the ISO system that the company is currently using. It adheres to the standards of the survey design, installation, maintenance, and comprehensive training processes for the departments and supplier companies. The focus is on technical quality and efficient utilization, managed by a professional technical team with extensive experience in medical instruments. The team has received training both domestically and internationally, including countries such as France, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, etc. With over 18 years of experience, the company operates within the following framework:

Surveying and designing the area before installation every time

There has been a survey of the area every time before installing the machine to assess the availability of the customer’s space for convenience and to prevent defects and errors during installation. This includes checking the room’s area, the lighting system, the temperature, and so on

The process of transporting equipment to install

The transportation of equipment to the installation is based on the company’s standards and transportation processes, including packing standards and precision standards. This ensures that the equipment arrives at the customer’s location according to the customer’s schedule. The handover and receipt of the equipment follow the transportation documents and other relevant procedures

Repair Process

The repair process involves employing professional methods, including a technical understanding of the machine, extensive experience, and expertise. Analysis is conducted using machine indicators like alarms, errors, and sounds. We collaborate with supplier companies worldwide, utilizing modern technology such as WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, TeamViewer, Enydest, email, and Google Search. Repairs are categorized based on the work line, with each machine thoroughly tested. Our team prioritizes quick problem-solving aligned with customer conditions, emphasizing customer-friendly service. We welcome all feedback and are committed to adapting practices to meet standards and ensure quality.

Preventive maintenance

We adhere to the standards set by each supplier for their equipment, referencing operational information from maintenance checklists. Our operations align with the standard and professional models of the technical principles associated with the equipment. Attention to detailed rubber processes ensures customer satisfaction, with a focus on cleanliness to maximize equipment lifespan. Parts replacement is scheduled based on the age of the equipment. Our maintenance team undergoes direct training abroad to ensure competence in operating diverse equipment. We provide technical and operational support to instill confidence in customers using our services.

Biomedical operation team

The main operations of the technical department are divided into four units as follows:

Lab device unit

Is responsible for installing equipment in the general laboratory of customers, including Biochemistry Blood Testers from Roche Thailand & iMed, Hematology Testers from Sysmex Thailand & Dymind China, Urine Testers, Stool Testers, Urinary Testers, and others.

X-ray unit

Is responsible for the installation of various X-ray machines for customers, such as CT-Scan and X-Ray machines from Fuji Thailand, as well as Ultrasound machines from Samsung Korea

Anesthesia & ventilators unit

Responsible for the installation of anesthesia and respiratory equipment for customers, such as Drager’s Anesthesia & Ventilator, and Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy equipment by Olympus.

Detergent unit & water system

Is responsible for the installation of bleaching machines and various water systems for customers, such as Hemodialysis bleaching machines from Nipro Japan and RO-System water systems from Watech Thailand